PHOTO – Gorilla drummer, Middle Meadow Walk, Edinburgh

After spotting bucket-head last week, we didn’t think anyone would bring a smile to our faces for originality for sometime.  Today, whilst walking down Middle Meadow Walk, we spotted gorilla drummer!  He wasn’t playing Phil Collins or eating Cadbury’s chocolate, but made us smile. Update 11th October 2011 – Gorilla Drummer still going strong and […]

EVENT – Edinburgh Big Beach Busk 28th August 2010

A small idea by a local resident has now become a public event to which everyone is invited. The idea is to have a huge beach busk along the shores of Portobello beach providing a wide variety of music. The organiser told us:  “I like a good busker. There’s an older chap plays accordion on Porty beach and […]

INFO – A Wee Donation On The Streets

For the many musicians around Edinburgh that busk, please drop them some money in their hat / case / box if you pose with them for a photo or listen to their music. It takes a LONG time to learn to play the bagpipes and a full highland outfit is not cheap.   They don’t get […]