REVIEW – Esq Barbers, Bruntsfield

Edinburgh Spotlight Recommended!

You’d think you couldn’t go wrong with a razor buzz-cut, but I’ve visited several (unnamed) barbers in Edinburgh who are living proof of the fact that you can. Lopsided sideburns, uneven lines on the back of my neck, missed tufty bits that made me look like a cross between Batman & Krusty the Clown – […]

REVIEW – The Chocolate Tree cafe and shop, Bruntsfield


The Chocolate Tree is an established company that sells wonderful chocolate goodies in various places across town, as well as having a stall at the weekly Farmer’s Market in Castle Terrace.  Bars of chocolate come in an array of flavours, as well as individual chocolates, chocolate spread and large cakes for special occasions with every ingredient […]

FEATURE – History of The Meadows

Looking at its green and pleasant expanse today, it’s hard to think The Meadows once used to be a loch. Whilst the Nor Loch (now West Princes Street Gardens) used to provide defence and – unfortunately – waste disposal for Edinburgh in the middle ages, the South or Burgh Loch was a little more sanitary […]

REVIEW – Dinner At Olive Branch Bistro, Bruntsfield


I had the delight of eating at the Olive Branch Bistro at Bruntsfield and the whole meal and service was extremely impressive.   We were shown to our table by a very polite waiter who catered to our every need throughout dinner.  We were there early on a Sunday evening, but the restaurant got far busier, […]