BOOKS – New children’s books from Picture Kelpies launched

Last night saw the launch of two new books from Picture Kelpies, a range of picture books for young children from Edinburgh publishers Floris Books. Children and adults alike sat enthralled in Augustine United Church, as Edinburgh-based authors and storytellers Janis Mackay and Lari Don read from their quite different but equally enchanting new books. […]

DIARY – Bookshop appearances in May

Edinburgh’s bookshops are not just for browsing new titles, buying books and sipping coffee. As a capital city and one of the most literary places in the world, it’s not surprising Edinburgh attracts some of the top writers all year round, many of whom appear in store (and often for free), giving readings, signing books […]

FEATURE: Roy Gill and The Daemon Parallel

You could say that Edinburgh-born author Roy Gill sees the city through very different eyes. In his debut novel The Daemon Parallel, young hero Cameron becomes aware of a strange, ‘other’ Edinburgh which is populated with fantastic creatures, monsters and very different versions of the landmarks and places we all take for granted. After winning […]

REVIEW – The Old Children’s Bookshelf, Edinburgh

Old Children’s Bookshelf, Canongate By Victoria Bamber “Do you see that thick, dark wood over there, backing on to the lane at the bottom of our garden? Well, listen, that’s the Enchanted Wood! We’ve had all sorts of adventures there, adventures you wouldn’t believe in your wildest dreams…” In an unobtrusive area of The Royal […]

FEATURE – Harriet Smart, Edinburgh-based novelist

What is it about Edinburgh that inspires so many writers? Perhaps it’s the unique and dramatic setting, motivating the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott. Maybe it’s the grand architecture and cobbled streets, firing the minds of authors like JK Rowling to create magical places like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. It could […]

REVIEW – Waterstone’s Booksellers, George Street

Waterstone’s in George Street is one of my favourite bookstores in Edinburgh.  I like the layout and have always found the people who work here really friendly. It is staffed by a number of genuine book lovers who have an excellent knowledge of both fiction and non-fiction and an enthusiasm to rival that of any independent bookseller. […]

EVENT – Tony Black at Corstorphine Library, 8 March

As part of Edinburgh’s Crime in the City events, Tony Black – one of Scotland’s new wave of crime writers – is appearing at Corstorphine Library on Monday. Author of ‘Loss‘ and ‘Paying for It‘, Black’s writing has drawn parallels with Ian Rankin and Irvine Welsh, and his private investigator character Gus Dury looks set […]