Belt Up

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Antigone (C Soco)


17 – 30 Aug (not 25) 2100-2215, C Soco The mood is sombre as we enter the House Above. Glasses are raised; speeches are made: we are here to mourn and to remember Antigone. This is Belt Up’s adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy: a tale of betrayal, love, honour and disobedience. Transporting the setting to some […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Second Star To The Right (C Soco)


In The Second Star To The Right, we journey with Wendy to a strange and dreamlike Neverland, where the Lost Boys share their tender and touching tales with a young girl coming to terms with her impending womanhood. Paper’s Weight are an emerging offshoot of the acclaimed Belt Up Theatre company; a young, all-female ensemble […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Odyssey (C Soco)


14 – 30 Aug (some dates only) 1300-1400, C Soco As we gleefully throw plastic balls at the cowering figure of Ted Stirling, the hero of Belt Up’s visceral interpretation of Odyssey, we realise how easy it is to be persuaded to blindly follow orders: to turn in an instant from sympathy towards a hero […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Metamorphosis (C Soco)


12 – 30 August (not 25) 1700-1815, C Soco It starts with a party. We are ushered into the Samsa family home by the excited guests, given party hats and offered biscuits and lemonade. We dance, we cheer, then take our places around the perimeter of the room as we await the arrival of Gregor, […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Lorca Is Dead (C Soco)


11 – 30 August (not 25) 2100-2215, C Soco In Lorca is Dead, the young and innovative Belt Up Theatre company not only successfully conjure up the spirits of the early 20th-century Surrealists, but of the likes of Monty Python as well. Set in the salon of the Paris-based movement as the members gather to […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s The Boy James (C Soco)


9 – 29 August (some dates only) 1200-1300, C Soco The loss of childhood innocence hangs in the darkened room, with a heavy inevitability that we can almost taste. From the second we enter Belt Up’s House Above at C Soco, we know this can only end one way. Inspired by the early life of […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Octavia (C Soco)


7 – 30 Aug (not 25th) 1200-1255, C Soco From the moment you step through the door of The House Above – Belt Up Theatre’s installation space at C Soco – you are instantly transported to a magical, fairytale land. The world of Octavia is inhabited by storybook characters who welcome you to the space, […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Belt Up Theatre’s The House Above at C Soco

This year, the innovative and cutting-edge Belt Up Theatre Company have something a little bit different planned for their Fringe residency. The entire 16-strong company will be arriving at C Soco soon to create The House Above – a custom-built environment where all of Belt Up’s shows will be performed. Details are a closely-guarded secret […]