INTERVIEW – March Her To Norway

Slightly damp and bedraggled after an outdoor photoshoot in typically Scottish summer weather, March Her To Norway sit back in the relative comfort of a coffee shop and talk about their music and their plans. “Above all, we’re about having fun and playing live,” says vocalist and guitarist Andy. “And not sounding cheesy.” “We play […]


Hosemox are a three-piece Edinburgh-based band worshipping at the altar of US grunge rock. Formed in 2001 by lead guitarist and vocalist Dom and drummer Stevo whilst they were at school, the band’s current line-up includes Simon from Australia on bass, who applied for a vacancy on Gumtree in 2008. “The ad said hairstyle wasn’t […]

INTERVIEW – The Nature Boys

Onstage, The Nature Boys‘ lead singer Cammy is possessed by the spirits of Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop and Tenpole Tudor; performing with a chaotic energy which ensures the band provide as unforgettable a visual experience as they do a musical one. In the cold of a vaulted cellar-based rehearsal space in January however, he keeps […]

INTERVIEW – Next Big Nothing

If the kids are united There was a time when Edinburgh’s music scene seemed to consist of little more than two old men with a fiddle and a skiffleboard. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for that kind of thing, but it’s great to now see bands like Next Big Nothing, an Edinburgh-based group […]

INTERVIEW – Night Noise Team

Everyone’s talking ‘bout pop music You would hope that Night Noise Team are José Manuel Barroso’s – president of the European Commission – favourite band. Or at least Terry Wogan’s. Their power-pop based sound demonstrates what you get when you marry Irish lyricism with French pop sensibilities, driving Italian guitar flourishes and pounding Scottish rhythm. […]

INTERVIEW – Visperas

The posters of Muse and Zeppelin on the walls of the Visperas rehearsal space tell you a great deal about where they’re coming from musically. Visperas (pronounce it however you like, they don’t mind) are Luke on vocals and rhythm guitar; Oli on bass; Adam on the skins and recently-recruited Scott on lead guitar. Together, […]