REVIEW – New works at Axolotl Gallery

The latest pieces on display at Axolotl Gallery on Dundas Street add to the reputation the gallery has fast established for itself – as a platform for new and contemporary figurative art. Two painters’ works are on display, demonstrating how varied and interprative the human figure as subject can be. Paul Munzi’s ‘Seeing in the […]

REVIEW – Freak Show at Axolotl Gallery


Step into Axolotl between now and October 17, and you’ll find yourself in a surreal and unsettling world. Filled with strange creatures, eerie objects and a sense of the macabre, Freak Show is possibly the gallery’s most intriguing exhibition yet. Claire McGee’s large-scale oils are immediately arresting: bold architectural compositions in dark tones with rare […]

REVIEW – Jigsaw Woodcuts by Sarah Wilson at Axolotl Gallery


The work of versatile and original figurative artist Sarah Wilson impressed at Axolotl Gallery‘s Spring Exhibition. Jigsaw Woodcuts is a new collection from Wilson, and – like Transferable Memories, her previously exhibited work – features juxtaposition, personal references and a sense of playfulness – even those which lift motifs from Picasso’s Guernica. Wilson’s woodcuts are […]

PREVIEW – New works from Sarah Wilson at Axolotl Gallery

Sarah Wilson’s intriguing installations at Axolotl were a highlight of the gallery’s recent Spring Exhibition. From Saturday 12th June, she returns with a series of new works: figurative prints taken from woodcuts. Promising to be immediate and arresting in their impact, Wilson’s prints have a naive style whilst evoking parallels and influences from the likes […]

REVIEW – Transmit by Mike Inglis at Axolotl Gallery


The figures in Mike Inglis’ starkly graphic screenprints are faceless: features hidden by the empty blackness of space helmets. They stand awkwardly, as if being reprimanded for their very existence. Floating next to them in these often startling compositions are icons of death, religion and urban culture. With titles like “The Fall” and “Narcosis” these […]

REVIEW – Spring Exhibition at Axolotl Gallery


Edinburgh Spotlight Recommended!

At first, any link between the works on display at Axolotl’s Spring Exhibition is hard to discern. After closer inspection however, themes begin to emerge. Emotional detatchment, symbolic juxtaposition and feminine power link the work of the four main artists featured at this, Axolotl’s excellently-curated second show. None of the subjects at the Spring Exhibition […]

INFO – Axolotl, new art gallery on Dundas Street

If anywhere in Edinburgh can claim to be the artistic centre of the city, it’s Dundas Street (with the possible exception of its ‘sauna’ at the bottom of the hill). The Open Eye, Scottish and Dundas Street Galleries are all located here, as are a number of art shops and suppliers. Now, Axolotl has opened, […]