FRINGE REVIEW – Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers


A show you can feel in your chest as well as witness with your senses, Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers fill George Square Theatre with the mighty and unmistakable sound of Japanese drumming. This UK group are recognised masters of the ancient artform, and are one of the few touring companies outside Japan. Here, they treat audiences […]

FRINGE REVIEW: Frisky & Mannish: Extra-Curricular Activities, Assembly Hall


Over the last three years, Frisky & Mannish have led us by the hand through school, college and employment. This year, they are back for a limited run at Assembly Hall with what amounts to a ‘greatest hits’ package, pulling sparkling pop nuggets from their rich vein of material. And a great show is what […]

FRINGE REVIEW – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Assembly George Square


A group of surly teenagers gather in detention. Their punishment: to read aloud Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a chore doled out by puckish teacher ‘Mr Goodfellow’. Stilted lines and stumbled readings follow, but then the teacher begins to weave strange magic as the teenagers find themselves taken over by the spirit of the play. […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Time For Fun, Hand Made Theatre – Assembly Roxy


Twenty hands make light work in Hand Made Theatre’s Time For Fun, an utterly charming and uplifting performance of hand and arm-based mime. Hailing from St Petersburg, the ten black-clad performers take the stage with an exuberant burst of energy, before literally rolling up their sleeves to create a captivating – and quite unique – […]

FRNIGE REVIEW – Female Gothic by Dyad Productions, Assembly


The spirit of Victorian tales of the supernatural and macabre is summoned to the modern stage in Dyad Production’s Female Gothic, an atmospheric one-hander directed by Guy Masterson. Though a trifle overlong, Rebecca Vaughan conjures up the period’s fascination with spine-chilling tales of the unexpected, in a storytelling performance which manages to ably escape the […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Baby Wants Candy


If you like surprises, silliness, free candy and the knowledge that you are definitely seeing something that is a true one-off, then Baby Wants Candy will not leave you wanting. Baby Wants Candy is a longform improvised musical based entirely around the first phrase shouted out by an audience member, no matter how mundane or ridiculous.  For the next […]


Built in 2010, Mirazozo makes “extensive use of an ‘illuminated seam’ feature where luminous seam lines create a scintillating lattice of light”. We took a quick wander inside yesterday and were amazed at the beauty of the experience. We will be visting again for a full review, but in the meantime, enjoy a few pictures […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Hairy Maclary (Miss Plum)

Family favourite Hairy Maclary returns to Edinburgh Following a totally sold-out run at the Fringe in 2010, Hairy Maclary and his friends are springing off the page and onto the stage once again this Summer. This year’s production will feature some new stories and a whole new look. We caught up with Miss Plum from […]

FRINGE REVIEW – I, Claudia (Assembly @ George Street)


22-30 August 1540-1705, Assembly @ George Street In her boiler-room hideaway, awkward teenager Claudia suffers her self-imposed exile, with only her goldfish Romeo & Juliet for company. A loner with a poetic soul, she obsesses about her father’s impending marriage to her soon-to-be step-mother, whilst the kind-hearted school janitor tolerates her from afar, protecting her […]

FRINGE REVIEW – My Hamlet with Linda Marlowe (Assembly @ George Street)


17 – 29 August (not 24) 1720-1835, Assembly @ George Street Although Linda Marlowe speaks every line during My Hamlet, it would be wrong to call it a one-woman show. After a brief (and, it has to be said, rather unnecessary) introduction where Marlowe portrays an immigrant worker at a theatre, the remainder of the […]