Adrienne Zitt

FRINGE REVIEW – The Pantry Shelf (Sweet Grassmarket)


August 25 – 30 1245 – 1340, Sweet Grassmarket When they first appear on stage, you would be forgiven for thinking the characters dressed in gigantic food costumes are about to perform a slapstick sketch show or take part in some reenactment of It’s A Knockout. Peel back the outer layers of packaging on Team […]

REVIEW – Charlie & My ’45, Tightlaced Theatre, Augustine United Church


As director Jennifer McGregor introduces Charlie & My ’45, she is almost apologetic about classing it as a ‘work in progress’ – it being a short two-handed piece evolved from a rehearsed reading by actor and writer Robert Howat. On the strength of this – its opening performance – she and Tightlaced Theatre have nothing […]

INTERVIEW – Adrienne Zitt of Actors Kitchen

After returning to Edinburgh from the competitive scene in London, French-born actress Adrienne Zitt was keen to explore opportunities for keeping her skills sharp. Taking the initiative after discovering there were few ways for like-minded individuals to collaborate, she founded Actors Kitchen, a collective for professional actors to come together and practice. “I put a […]