Fringe 2013



By Veronkia Kallus Arcadia is a multi-layered piece of writing by Tom Stoppard – maybe the most intriguing play of our times by one of the most distinguished playwrights. Published and first performed in 1993, this play combines past and present, poetry and mathematics, and insights to landscape gardening and to academic practises maybe still […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Emilie Autumn


By Veronika Kallus Gorgeous. Beautiful outfits, superb choreography, haunting melodies, all arranged on a stage that could be a pirate ship. Or a wayward asylum, as the lyrics and the storyline suggest. It’s a concert, but it also has a storyline, somehow. A concert like a show, a show like a play, a play like […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Long Live The Little Knife


By Danielle Farrow David Leddy’s tale of grifters, brothels, mediumship, exploitation and castration – set up as related to him in a pub by two drunken scam artists – plays with fakery and reality, theatre and meta-theatre, suspension of disbelief and the art of swindling. It includes swipes at financial, celebrity and art markets and […]



By Veronika Kallus One of the great joys for any fan attending a Bruce Springsteen concert is to witness his humanity and his humility. He is unassuming; he is one with the crowd, one of us. Not less and not more, even though he might look back on a extraordinary career spanning 40 years and […]

REVIEW – Titus – Sheep Theatre


By Veronika Kallus A bloody awesome production. Blood-less actually – there is not a single drop of blood spilled on stage (which is quite an achievement when staging Shakespeare’s most violent play). And with references to so many movies and scenes that it is hard to keep track of them. Just one example? Tamora, the […]



– Rachel is in a relationship. – Sophie likes this. – Jack was tagged in Sophie’s photo. – Rachel has changed her relationship status to “it’s complicated”. Drunken nights, casual sex and pre-exam stress. The exploits of the five students in Timeline are nothing new. However, based on real-life updates from Facebook, this verbatim piece […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Rory McGrath and Philip Pope, Bridge Over Troubled Lager

By A MacDonald If your Dad is in a band, or you are a Dad in a band, this show will hold instant appeal. Here we join Rory McGrath and Philip Pope for an hour of cheekily naughty songs, interspersed with wit and onstage camaraderie. With songs about tweeting, Eurovision, the C word and Cornish […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Sara Pascoe vs. the Truth


By A MacDonald There are no facts, only interpretations. This philosophy of Nietzsche is the presiding theme of Sara Pascoe’s stand up show- Sara Pascoe vs. The Truth. Sara has appeared in The Thick of It, Twenty Twelve and is a regular on Stand Up For the Week, and returns to the Fringe this time […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Brand New Ancients


By Danielle Farrow In Brand New Ancients, Kate Tempest shows a keen ear for rhythm, eye for observation, tongue for communication, mind for description, and heart for humanity. The sheer potential of people is magnificently explored, with pain, banality, joy, hope, fear, expectations, pressures, achievements and successes, and all is offered within a piquant narrative, […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Seven Deadly Sins


By Veronika Kallus A fantastic cast was pulled together in all quarters as orchestra musicians, opera singers and ballet dancers for this performance of The Seven Deadly Sins. But Bert Brecht/Kurt Weill arrangements are traditionally difficult to stage because large and loud instrumental groups often have to compete with small vocal casts (like for example […]