Edinburgh Art Festival

Dazzle Ship, Leith Docks (Edinburgh Art Festival)

As part of the 2016 Edinburgh Art Festival MV Fingal in Leith Docks has been ‘dazzled’. The Dazzle Ship by Ciara Phillips is on display at Leith Docks from 25 May as part of Edinburgh Art Festival’s Commissions programme. More information and official launch information. Unfortunately, you can only see the boat from the opposite side of the water as the […]

FEATURE – In Search of Vanished Blood, Nalini Malani

In Search of Vanished Blood by Nalini Malani. All photos by Rich Dyson Photography. Information taken from the 1418now website. Edited Tuesday 5th August. Due to last night’s technical issues, the whole commission will run again tonight (Tuesday 6th August) from 10.30pm. We highly recommend you go and see it. ________ Visual artist Nalini Malani has developed […]

In Search of Vanished Blood

PHOTOS – Edinburgh’s Festivals, summer 2014

  We love all of the festivals that take place throughout the year in Edinburgh, but especially the summer ones. Here’s a collection of photos from summer 2014. The most recent photo is at the top. Pop up lounge to relax in outside the White Stuff on George Street You have reached the last photo. […]

Street entertainment on the Royal Mile

EDINBURGH ART FESTIVAL – Peter Liversidge, Flags for Edinburgh

As part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, Peter Liversidge’s Flags for Edinburgh are flying on top of many famous Edinburgh landmarks. For the last two weeks, we’ve been trying to capture them all, but it’s very much a work in progress depending on the wind conditions in Edinburgh! The flags will remain across Edinburgh until […]

PHOTO – Danny MacAskill in Castle Street

As part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, professional street trials rider Danny MacAskill treated thousands of people to a display of his amazing skills. He is also doing another demonstration in Edinburgh on Tuesday 14th August in St Andrew Square at 1pm. It is free to watch. Tweet