Festivals 2014

PHOTOS – The Edinburgh International Festival Fireworks Concert 2014

Tonight saw another spectacular concert and fireworks display take place to mark the end of the 2014 Edinburgh International Festival. Over 4 tonnes of explosives and 400,000 fireworks choreographed to live orchestral music lit up the sky against the iconic backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, in what is the largest annual fireworks concert in the world. […]

The 2014 Edinburgh International Fireworks

REVIEW – Delusion of the Fury (Edinburgh International Festival)


Described as ‘a music-theatre piece in two acts’ by American composer Harry Partch, Delusion of the Fury sees Ensemble musikFabrik resurrect Partch’s vision on the stage of the King’s Theatre as part of the Edinburgh International Festival. Dressed in quasi-industrial steampunkish garb, the musicians take position behind, beside – and in some cases – amongst […]

REVIEW – Ubu and the Truth Commission (Edinburgh International Festival)


By Danielle Farrow At the end of the 19th century, Alfred Jarry’s satirical Ubu Roi caused consternation with its protagonist, influenced by Macbeth, but here a grotesque figure steeped in abuses of power and bureaucracy, portrayed with crude words and gestures. At the end of the 20th century, Jane Taylor meshed Jarry’s Ubu with testimony […]

REVIEW – Helen Lawrence (Edinburgh International Festival)


Using a clever technique where actors are filmed live and projected on a gauze screen in front of the stage, Helen Lawrence‘s 1948 Vancouver setting is brought to life by superimposing the captured performances on top of computer generated backgrounds. Train carriages, ghettos, offices and mean city streets are thus conjured from a blank stage, […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Sarah Waters

“I’ve always been very happy with the label ‘lesbian writer’”, says Sarah Waters, in conversation with Muriel Gray at the finale event of this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival. “In a way I’ve claimed it.” Waters is here to discuss her new novel, The Paying Guests, which she describes as a “lesbian love story that veers […]


Split into two separate events, IDP:2043 saw the creative team behind the “climate fiction” graphic novel IDP:2043 gather once more to discuss their thoughts on producing the work, commissioned by the Edinburgh Book Festival as part of last year’s Stripped programme. Chaired by Denise Mina, who also came up with the overall story concept and […]

REVIEW – Eden Gate


The premise of Eden Gate is a familiar one to anyone who has been paying attention to immersive theatre trends in Edinburgh over the past year or so. Similar to Deadinburgh, 2.8 Hours Later and The Generation of Z, it involves the outbreak of a virulent disease that wipes out most of the population (although […]

REVIEW – Saint-Exupéry, a Pilot’s Story


The title of this touching play suggested an exploration of the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry outwith his most famous story – The Little Prince. Nevertheless, everyone who has read that story would have expected strong references to it since one of its main characters in it is a pilot, and because it certainly has […]

REVIEW – The Great Gatsby


Masks, seductive dresses, sounds, light. ‘I heard he blackmailed the President’, someone whispers in my ear as I sit down. Actors who look straight out of a 1920s flapper burlesque show sneak through the audience, whisper, stare, conspire and place themselves conspicuously in dark corners. The high arches and stage-lit pillars in the old church […]

REVIEW – Hot Cat


What a fabulously suited cast! And what a quick, quirky and colourful adaption of this classic story! Theatre Movement Bazaar, based in Los Angeles, have for many years succeeded in transforming challenging original works into pieces of intriguing and reinvigorating theatre for contemporary and critical audiences. Tennessee Williams’ ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ lends […]