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NEWS – Change for Scottish National Entitlement Card holders, 28th March

From 28th March, Scottish National Entitlement Card holders will no longer just flash their card at the bus driver.  You have to use on of the newly installed machines which are on board all of Edinburgh’s LRT buses. This means that an OAP or concessionary card holder now has to ‘hold it right there’. Lothian […]

REVIEW – Balanced Fitness & Physiotherapy, Stockbridge

Balanced Fitness and Physiotherapy is a wonderful well being centre at North West Circus Place,  Stockbridge.  The Balanced Fitness in the name is the ‘place to get fit’ and the Balanced Physiotherapy part  is the ‘place to get better’. Determined to live a healthier life in 2010, I decided to make an appointment with one of the physiotherapists and was […]