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Edinburgh International Festival: Richard III


By Danielle Farrow Thomas Ostermeier directs Berlin’s Schaubühne Theatre in a magnificently presented, forceful ‘Richard III’, that rests squarely on the shoulders of Lars Eidinger as Richard. These are strong shoulders, bent over before being corseted and neck braced into straightness, and complete with hump. Energetically shuffling through dry clay, kneeling naked beside a coffin, […]

Lars Eidinger plays Richard III in Thomas Ostermeier's production of the same name. Photo: © Arno Declair

REVIEW – Shakespeare Tonight, Paradise in Augustines


  By Danielle Farrow ‘Shakespeare Tonight’ interviews William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon as arch-rivals on a tv chat show hosted by a minor celebrity who is under pressure as this is – according to the producer – her last chance to book a second series. There are questions put to Shakespeare about his writing […]

REVIEW – Blood Will Have Blood


    By Danielle Farrow ‘Blood Will Have Blood’, from ImmerCity, is interactive, immersive theatre, where a story told via headphones includes instructions – not necessarily the same for everyone, we are informed (a good way to encourage individual participation) – and there are items with which to interact. In a forest setting, with twigs […]

REVIEW – Droll


    By Danielle Farrow In ‘Droll’, the Owle Schreame theatre company presents three brief entertainments drawn from the 16th & 17th centuries: play sketches that are bawdy and fun, and here given some historical introduction. Drolls were performed, generally illegally, during the England’s Commonwealth interregnum era (1649-1660), when Puritan values led to the banning […]

Edinburgh International Festival: Measure for Measure


  By Danielle Farrow An ensemble moves through the space, creating hotspots – directing focus by all staring at the same point – and creating an atmosphere of togetherness that turns into pressure directed at one man; dozens of hanging lamps light a stage bare save for 5 huge red boxes which turn finally to […]

Alexander Arsentyev and Anna Khalilulina in Cheek by Jowl / Pushkin Theatre's production of Measure for Measure. Photo: © Johan Persson

FRINGE REVIEW – The Female Question


    ‘The Female Question’ works as a student theatre piece, where Shakespeare – along with a younger version of himself – meets with some of the female characters he created, hearing from them what they think of his depiction of women. As Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Kate and Ophelia present their woes, arguments and questions, […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Grimm: An Untold Tale


  By Danielle Farrow Telling the tale of women – un-named on publication – who provided many of the stories for which the Brothers Grimm are famous, Fiercely Spun’s ‘Grimm: An Untold Tale’ uses a few changes of lighting colours, simple yet well-executed rhythmic moves and some apt props to illustrate their storytelling, which combines […]

Edinburgh International Festival: The Glass Menagerie


  By Danielle Farrow Beautifully rendered deep jewel colours – literal and metaphoric – glow within this amber-encased gem, but the American Repertory Theater’s revived production of Tennesee Williams’ classic, 1937-set ‘The Glass Menagerie’ – directed with both sensitivity and aplomb by John Tiffany – is definitely no fossil. A ‘memory play’, the narrator character […]

The Glass Menagerie



By Danielle Farrow Beijing’s ST@UIBE company’s entertaining ‘A Midsummer Night’s DREAMING’ is based on Shakespeare’s play of similar name and focuses on four struggling lovers and the fey creatures that seek to change these couples. At the magical Sophora Nest Hotel, the Spirits of Sensitivity, Sense and Moderation witness many love stories, and on this […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Shakespeare for Breakfast, C (Venue 34)


By Danielle Farrow ‘Shakespeare for Breakfast’ is a traditional Fringe favourite for many, delivering a different take on Shakespeare every year, with a few props, helpful costume choices for quick changes and minimal or no set. It’s the latter this year, for a modern A Midsummer Night’s Dream, complete with topical – even political – […]