REVIEW: Flight


By Isabella Fraser

Flight is an intimate and engaging production from Vox Motus, who have found an novel and striking way to allow an audience to experience storytelling that focuses on the challenging area of refugee children.

The name of this production is multi-layered: as a ticket holder, you check in to the production, much as you would for a plane flight (without having to take any items of apparel off). However, once you are there, it is clear you are being shown the journey of an escape to freedom.

The individual booths allow privacy and cocoon you into a warm and enclosed world, which feels cosy but also conversely, isolated. This adds to the storyline however. The voiceover is soothing, but full of difficult experiences that sometimes you may find your mind has to wander, to save itself from stressful imagery.

The dioramas are exceptional and expertly placed to highlight the storyline as it unfolds. These figurines tell a story in such a way that they become thought provoking, rather than completely shocking. There is only so much that an audience member in isolation can deal with. Because of the moving imagery, as first it feels as if you are taking off and moving with it; however, once it becomes clear you are on stable ground but the young orphans in the storyline are not.

Anyone who has read news reports or watched news reports in the past couple of years will recognise the story of the brothers in Flight. What Flight does is, not only tell a story but raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by those escaping from their home countries.

A fascinating insight into a different world, which, despite the difficult subject area, should not be missed.

Flight runs as part of the Edinburgh International Festival @ various times @ the Churchill Theatre until 27/08/17. Running time 45 mins.

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