Opening The Covers of Edinburgh’s Book Tower

The Banana flats

The Banana flats

Edinburgh will soon be host to yet another world-class tourist attraction as details were released today of the city’s forthcoming Book Tower.

Fresh from their recently-awarded Category A listing status, developers have been granted permission to transform Leith’s famous ‘banana flats’ into a flagship visitor attraction. A joint partnership between Edinburgh Historic Buildings, the City of Books & Writers Trust and world-leading theme park ‘imagineers’ AF Events, the Book Tower will see half of the iconic building inhabited by a state-of-the-art interactive attraction celebrating the most famous literary works to have been created in the capital.

Under-fives are bound to be enthralled by Maisie Land, which sees the much-loved Morningside moggy brought to life by pioneering animatronics designed by the world-renowned WETA Workshop and given groundbreaking sentient artificial intelligence by a team of developers from Google’s Machine Learning Labs.

Another floor of the flats will be cleared to make way for Wizard World, inspired by JK Rowling’s most famous creation. Though the Book Tower has not been able to secure the rights to the original works, Wizard World will be placing its tongue firmly in its cheek by featuring all-new original characters such as Garry Trotter, Fumblemore and Bobby the Flat Elf, all of whom are bound to delight and entertain young and old alike.

A whole two floors will be dedicated to RebusZone, a retro-inspired waxworks exhibit where each and every fatality from Ian Rankin’s best-selling crime series will be represented in a series of grisly dioramas, whilst fully-trained staff will revel in their roles as denizens of Edinburgh’s crime-ridden underworld and chase shrieking visitors through the maze-like corridors with novelty claw-hammers and pliers.

Fittingly, the top floor of the Book Tower will be themed around the sights, smells and sounds of Irvine Welsh’s seminal 90s novel Trainspotting. Virtual reality headsets will allow visitors to safely experience a twenty-four hour bender with Begbie, Sick Boy and the rest, whilst the ‘Cold Turkey’ dark ride is expected to be an unforgettable sensory highlight that will be made suitable for young visitors thanks to an alternative child-friendly audio guide focusing on the ‘magic fairy lights’ and ‘happy dancing unicorns’.

An attraction certain to inject extra tourist revenue into the city’s coffers, work is scheduled to commence next week, with developers aiming to open the doors to its first visitors a year from today. Edinburgh City Council have set aside £14m of funds to relocate current residents of the flats, who will be offered spaces at new affordable housing developments in the Grange, Barnton and Ravelston.

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