REVIEW: Prestwick Elvis


By Isabella Fraser

Prestwick Elvis is a new play by Ian Dunn, based on the day that Elvis Presley landed in Prestwick Airport in 1960. Playing to a packed house, this piece is a definite crowd pleaser, with a look back at the time before social media, when word of mouth was key and celebrity status was only just beginning to come to the fore.

Even today, the legendary Elvis Presley is a household name. While that may be from the use of his music in commercials, the legacy of that music has stayed. This young cast does a good job of reacting to the idea of a superstar arrival, with Andy Robertson in particular giving a nuanced turn as the drummer turned mechanic, although the majority of the cast give a committed and believable performance, with the remainder taking a little time to settle into the text.

The premise of the play is interesting – that the newly landed Elvis bumps into a group of workers who have heard he is in the area – and leads to funny conversations. Toilet humour features, but is carried out with panache, ensuring the audience giggles even when it might be wishing there was a little more left to the imagination in some of the descriptions.

Ultimately this is a story about relationships – that we have with our family, our friends and with ourselves; Elvis is a conduit in this. The text itself could do with some pruning as by the time of the conclusion, we have forgotten the earlier discussion that needs its conclusion. It may also have helped to remember the importance of the music in the international love of Presley. However, this is an fun and refreshing take on a well-known subject, which keeps the audience entertained and the time flies by. Recommended for fans and for those interested in a drop of nostalgia.

Prestwick Elvis runs @ 16.45 @ theSpace on the Mile until 27/08/16 (odd dates only). Running time 1 hour 5 mins.

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