REVIEW: In Fidelity



By Isabella Fraser

In a packed studio theatre space, the audience surrounds what looks like a chat show space – there is a curved sofa and various sitting spaces, including an interviewer’s chair. The backdrop of a large curved screen and bright flooring is modern and fun. The premise of the show is a live dating experience – somewhere in this audience two people will have a first date in front of everyone here. A great deal of the success of this will depend on the people within the audience and happily on the day of review, there is a warm and welcoming spirit in the group of people in the room.

Rob Drummond, writer and performer, is a friendly host who makes everyone at ease with his seemingly effortless charm and open manner. He has just the right mix of honesty and humour about his own relationship background and history, which encourages others in the room to be equally honest. After an interactive foray with the audience, a couple is picked to be the focus of the evening. The couple on stage is openly single and happy to engage in some fun as an experiment. As we watch their chats in a voyeuristic fashion – and who could resist sneaking a peek into a first date – it is a reminder that real life is awkward and stumbling; that we human beings are complex and yet, conversely also simple.

A highlight of the evening is when the audience gives advice to the couple on stage – two sets of couples in the audience have been married almost 60 years and there is a real sense of hope and respect for relationships in the air. Indeed, in this audience, the vast majority of people are in relationships and appear to have been so for some time.

By the end of the evening there is no guarantee of a romance, but the audience definitely hopes for a positive outcome as this couple have revealed a great deal in common. It can only be fair to say that this show is life affirming. It is rare to leave a show with a warm glow and a spring in your step but that is what In Fidelity does for you: highly recommended.

In Fidelity runs @ various times @ the Traverse Theatre until 28/08/16. Running time I hour 20 mins.

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