Quirkology ‘Mind Tricks’ at the Edinburgh Museum of Childhood until 1st September

Professor Richard Wiseman demonstrating an optical illusion.

Professor Richard Wiseman demonstrating an optical illusion.

The new Quirkology ‘Mind Tricks’ exhibition at Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood allows visitors to experience the impossible (free).

The display is the creation of psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman. He said: “Master magician David Copperfield has invented an optical illusion in which he appears to levitate visitors, and has kindly allowed us to be the first exhibition in Britain to stage the piece.”

In another first, famous Japanese illusion inventor Kokichi Sugihara has granted the exhibition special permission to exhibit his latest creation, ‘Rectangles and Circles’ (Best Illusion of the Year finalist 2016). This illusion is currently taking the Internet by storm, and shows several 3D rectangles that transform into circles when reflected in a mirror. The Quirkology exhibition is the only place in the world where visitors can experience Sugihara’s amazing creation live.

“Our Quirkology videos are full of tricks and illusions that have received over 360 million views online. I loved creating the exhibition, and hope people of all ages will come along, get involved, and have fun”, added Wiseman.

Councillor Richard Lewis, Edinburgh’s Culture Convener, said: “Master of the Impossible Richard Wiseman gives the Museum of Childhood a sprinkling of magic this summer. Prepare to be attacked by a monster, levitated by David Copperfield and followed by the gaze of goats.

“We are delighted that the world’s first Museum dedicated to Childhood is now the very first to exhibit Richard’s mindboggling illusions. The Quirkology exhibition will entertain adults as much as kids but the display has to be seen to be believed.”

The Quirkology ‘Mind Tricks’ exhibition is open now and will run until 1 September 2016 at the City of Edinburgh Council’s Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile. Admission is free.

The exhibition will also feature an interactive video show, classic illusions, a goat that appears to follow visitors around the room, fun photo opportunities for all ages and a special Quirkology trail throughout the museum.

The hugely popular Royal Mile visitor attraction – the first museum in the world devoted to childhood – attracts more than 200,000 visitors from Edinburgh, the rest of Scotland and beyond every year.

Be shot in the head by an arrow

Be shot in the head by an arrow

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