REVIEW: Elliot Bibby: Travel Magic



Elliott Bibby

Elliott Bibby

By Isabella Fraser

Elliot Bibby is a cheeky, charming magician, who makes keeping his audience entertained seem like a piece of cake. His show takes place in a large room round the back of a club (as part of the Free Fringe) and is absolutely packed. A room filled with audience members who have been enjoying the Festival all day is not easy to keep engaged, but with a range of slick interactive tricks and a great sense of humour, Bibby has the audience in the palm of his hand – no mean feat.

Bibby’s tricks are those of the modern magician – audience members are part of the magic and the sleight of hand or reading of minds is always impressive. How signed money ended up inside a Kinder egg toy is impossible to guess. A hilarious skit about an Australian advice service for card tricks keeps the crowd giggling like schoolchildren doing something naughty when the word Deck is pronounced in an Australian accent. Say it to yourself and you will understand why. The joke is repeated time after time and yet it just gets funnier. This is where Bibby excels – in that particular brand of British humour that is a little risqué and knows it, but is used with such charm that everyone happily flirts with the naughty corner.

At the beginning of the show someone is giving a boarding pass – the Travel Magic of the title – with details on it, which is only opened at the end of the evening. When this is unveiled, everything ties in with audience information revealed in the show – and is genuinely surprising.

Highlight of the night: the final trick where Bibby proves a skill with numbers that add up – much more awe-inspiring than it sounds on paper. Bibby is definitely a crowd pleaser, so make sure you get there early to grab your seat in as the room as the show has been filling up.

Elliot Bibby: Travel Magic runs until 28 August at the Liquid Room (Annexe) @ 22:00. Running time is 50 mins.

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