FESTIVAL EVENT – Songlines, Sunday 21st August 2016

By Neil Hanna

By Neil Hanna

Songlines is a city-wide event taking place on the middle Sunday of the International Festival inviting everyone to take part in a unique celebration of singing. It is inspired by the indigenous Australian ancestral tradition of passing on ancient sacred stories as large song cycles that preserve the living link between land and people.

Singing connects peoples across the globe and there is no human culture, no matter how remote or isolated, that does not sing to celebrate or express what it is to be alive. The human voice seeks expression and whether it be on a rowdy football terrace, in a serene concert hall or simply warbling in the shower, singing has guided, soothed and filled our lives for centuries.

Following on from the success in 2015 of the brass band project, Fanfare, the International Festival presents Songlines to capture the joy and power of shared song.

Event information

Songlines is a city-wide event taking place on Sunday 21 August inviting communities across Edinburgh and the Lothians to take part in a unique celebration of singing. From 2pm to 4pm, 12 choirs – featuring both trained and community voices – perform in 9 venues across Edinburgh and its surrounds, stretching from Dalmeny across to Haddington. Venues include gardens, churches, museums and castles, with 9 soloists and 8 pianists also joining choirs at some locations.

Songlines is lead by performances from the choirs, with song-sheets also available so audiences can join in with some of the pieces.

The end of the second session at 4.50pm offers a moment for the choirs and audiences across all respective locations to join together to sing the Scots-Irish traditional Wild Mountain Thyme, making for a city-wide singalong of this much-loved ballad.

Featuring choirs including… Songworks, Rudsambee, Edinburgh Police Choir, Edinburgh City Singers, Edinburgh Gay Men’s Chorus, Love Music Choir, Vocal Edge Choir, North Berwick Sings, Dunbar Sings, Loud & Proud, Consort of Voices and other soloists including Karen Cargill

Songlines on the Edinburgh International Festival website and information about all the venues.

Taking place venues across Edinburgh at 2pm and 4pm.

Songlines venues

Songlines venues


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