Video of Virgin Money Street of Light, Royal Mile

This is a short 1 minute video of the Street of Light on the Royal Mile on the opening night of  30th November 2015.

The video is shot from where the public stand and not the press section, so this is the view you could get too.

Other useful info if you’re going:

  • You can only enter via the St Giles’ Cathedral end (George IV Bridge) but you can exit in ANY DIRECTION.
  • You can get in earlier than the ticket states, the crowd assemble and waits for the performance to begin.
  • Ticket holders enter on the left side of the entrance gates and a limited amount of people WITHOUT TICKETS are allowed to enter through the right hand gate (we’re assuming they count the amount of people in the event arena to keep it safe).
  • Listen and pay attention to the announcements.
  • Prams and pushchairs are allowed
  • It’s busy, but not as busy as the Royal Mile during August and peak Fringe time. I found quite a lot of space to move around.
  • You are allowed to STAND ANYWHERE including under the lights and move freely around.
  • You get a great view from anywhere, but from either end, you can see the whole street
  • You can hear the music from anywhere, it’s quite loud.
  • Each performance last about 17 minutes
  • The whole Street of Light remains lit for 20 minutes after the early performance (it starts in dark though)
  • After each later performance, the Street of Light remains lit until midnight. Plenty of time to take photos. This also allows people to freely see the Street of Light for a few hours.
  • The bottom end of the High Street is completely closed with no vehicle access to Cockburn Street.

Outwith the event area:

  • If you stand at the junction of the Royal Mile / North Bridge during the performance (near the old RBS), you get a PERFECT VIEW OF THE WHOLE STREET OF LIGHT. I repeat, you can stand outside the event area and get possibly the best view looking up the street. This area is stewarded, but please stay off the road.
  • You can even clearly see it from Royal Mile / Jeffrey St crossroad.


We don’t know if the Closes that lead into the High Street are closed off during performances.

Any other info you require, please get from Virgin Money Street of Light since they’re the organisers and where you can get FREE tickets. On until 24th December.

Edinburgh Street of Light 2015

Edinburgh Street of Light 2015

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