REVIEW – Weill at Heart: Kurt Weill’s Cabaret Songs, Bremner


By Jen Bolsover

International cabaret artiste Bremner offers a programme comprised entirely of Kurt Weill songs. His love for the material shines through as he guides the audience from song to song with a series of autobiographical snippets.

Bremner’s performance is assured and he commands his audience well, but musically the show is hindered by very poor sound quality. His mic is turned up so high that his voice is slightly distorted and the three-piece band all but drowned out – which is a great pity, because they’re really very good indeed. Such heavy amplification damages the intimate atmosphere that suits Weill’s work so well.

The programme takes a little while to warm up, but when Bremner reaches such characterful numbers as Mack the Knife and Pirate Jenny, it really hits its stride. Stranger Here Myself is a particular highlight, as Bremner leaves the stage and gets up close with his audience.

Weill at Heart: Kurt Weill’s Cabaret Songs runs at The Jazz Bar until 22 August at 17:30. Running time is one hour.

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