REVIEW: Colin Cloud: Kills

Colin Cloud

Colin Cloud

By Isabella Fraser

As a nation we never fail to be fascinated by Sherlock Holmes and his ability to deduce what seems impossible or unsolvable: well, watch out world because Colin Cloud is the living, breathing hipper-than-Cumberbatch embodiment of him.

A self-described forensic mind reader, he uses this skill to demonstrate his incredible understanding of human body language and the small indicators that we all have, whether we know it or not. What works with this show is that Cloud is extremely skilled at demonstrating his abilities – he knows exactly what he is doing. He explains it all to you at the same time, but, newbie observers that we are, we are unable to take in what he has explained and we are still surprised – and shocked – when he turns out to be right (he is always right).

An incredible – there is no other word to describe this – feat he demonstrates more than once, is his ability to seemingly read memories. He manages this with his back to the person in question, at times blindfolded, not touching the person, ensuring there is no trickery. He asks what appear to be random questions, which unlock something else entirely. Even by asking audience members to simply say hello, he is able to work out where they are from – not the country or region, but actual city, town or village. At the same time he jokes with the audience, enjoys the banter and yet is also careful to make sure everyone is safe, even when there is a hint of danger. Ah yes, one small thing with this show – it is called Colin Cloud: Kills for a reason…

The show is difficult to describe without giving too much away; indeed it feels as if words themselves are not adequate enough to do it justice, but suffice to say Cloud has a unique talent – you should grab the opportunity to see him while you can. You will spend hours, if not days (weeks) trying to work out how he does it!

Colin Cloud: Kills runs until 30 August (not 17) at the Pleasance Courtyard at 18.20. Running time is 1 hour.

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