REVIEW – Unfaithful


By Olivia Wilde

Blackout. Sudden sound. Lights up on stage. And we’re off on a real theatrical rollercoaster of emotional twists and turns, wit, honesty and dark humour that will have you hooked from start to finish. The play itself takes an honest and intense look at relationships and monogamy. What is love? What is cheating? Will love really stand the test of time?

Cleverly woven and intelligently written by Irish playwright Owen McCafferty, it parallels the relationship of two couples. One young couple, played by Amiera Darwish as Tara and Owen Whitelaw as Peter, and an older married couple thirty years down the line. There is a real raw chemistry and convincing relationship between the older couple made up of the firey Joan, a powerhouse performance by Cara Kelly. Brilliantly matched, with award winning actor Benny Young who plays Tom, that all too familiar; worn out, po-faced, closed off husband, contemplating his solitary pint at the pub.

An overall slick production directed by Rachel O’Riordan. The best accolade was the gasps, tears and laughter that flowed from the audience as they watched the unfolding and ‘no going back’ actions of the characters.

If you’re looking for love, betrayal and possibly a little something saucy on the side, then book up for Unfaithful this Festival.

Unfaithful is on at the Traverse until 24th August (times vary,  no performances Mondays)

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