REVIEW – London Life


By Isabella Fraser

Vocal harmony trio The Three Belles (Isabelle Moore, Sally Anne and Anneka Wass), supported by Matt Ian Kelly, Sam Harding and Winstan, are the key components of this saucy romp through the naughty side of London during the Second World War. Written by Matt Wingett in collaboration with The Three Belles, this cabaret show is based on, and takes its name from, the fetish magazine London Life which existed during WWII. It is rare to hear about this side of the war, but this funny and entertaining show keeps its tongue firmly in cheek as it demonstrates the lists of ‘fads’ available.

The cheeky performances give a nudge, nudge, wink, wink nod to the style of Carry On films. This keeps the storyline flowing and the crowd laughing, especially as despite the content, it seems relatively innocent compared to modern day media. When the Belles interrupt the ‘fad’ demonstrations to sing classic songs of the 1940s, it brings a whole new meaning to some of the song words.

The songs – and the singing – are the highlights of the show. While the sketches are undoubtedly entertaining, these three can certainly sing and their harmonies blend perfectly to recreate the sound of the 1940s. Not only are the voices perfectly suited to this time period, but the costumes, hair and make-up are faithfully recreated in forties style, which adds to the glamour and the authentic look of this show.

A lively and rollicking good night out, recommended if you have ever wondered what your grandparents may have got up to during WWII. Warning: you may be shocked at the answer…

London Life runs until 16 August in Space Cabaret at 21.20. Running time is 1 hour.

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