REVIEW – Imran Yusuf


By A MacDonald

Imran Yusuf, Best newcomer nominee 2010 and star of Michael Macintyre’s comedy Roadshow is back performing at the Fringe after a 2 year break. In his show, Roar of the underdog, he looks to confront issues of race, religion, bigotry and sexism head on in a cheerful and funny way, whilst still imploring the audience to question their beliefs and opinions.

Born in Africa to Indian parents and raised in England as a Muslim, Yusuf talks about his struggle to fit in. He takes a satirical look at Westerners motivations for charity work and addresses the issues of race and bigotry in mainstream comedy using personal experiences to put across his opinion without the show becoming a lecture. He does this by keeping his comedy light-hearted and witty, and jumping between innocuous subjects and serious ones.

Imran at times struggles to raise a proper laugh from the audience but this feels as though perhaps the audience don’t understand the complexity or subtlety of his jokes, or maybe that they’re afraid to laugh at what could be perceived as ‘controversial’.

All in all, an enjoyable, thought provoking show for those who like their comedy with a side of smarts.

Until 25th August, Underbelly, 6.50pm

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