REVIEW – How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found


By Isabella Fraser

Presented by UCLU Runaground, the touring division of UCLU Drama Society, this award winning play by Fin Kennedy is about what happens when someone is so disturbed by life that they try to escape from it.

Director Pavlos Christodoulou has made good use of the space: his use of six white blocks in staging is particularly effective and innovative when adapting to different scenes. The movement of these blocks into place is also nicely choreographed. While there are several scene changes, they do not feel repetitive or unnecessary.

Christodoulou has crafted solid performances from this group of young actors. There are no weak links – of particular note are Howard Horner with his impelling quick fire delivery as Mike and Karan Gill’s portrayal of the self-destructive Charlie. In addition, the section that discusses the passport office has a comedic brilliance. The ensemble actors also make great use of their roles and are funny, quirky and entertaining, with moments to shine in the briefer scenes. The symmetry of characters mirroring each other works well and allows the audience to see clearly the message conveyed within the text.

The use of the language in this play is beautifully paced. It is a wordy piece and timing of the delivery of the text is important, but the cast manages to embrace the challenge and use the language convincingly, particularly in some of the snappy scenes.

While the cast may be young, they are clearly dedicated. This is a production done well and enjoyable to watch.

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found runs until 16 August in the Monkey House at ZOO at 12.55. Running time is 1 hour, 20 mins.

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