REVIEW – Hedluv and Passman: Doin it Dreckly


By A MacDonald

Hedluv and Passman are a show to be seen to be believed. Unlike any other performance on this festival, this hour of hilarity is a trip into the hallucinatory and bizarre. Hedluv and Passman are two rappers who hark from Redruth, Cornwall and, having been mistaken for comedians the first year they came to the Fringe, have decided to run with it. They are side splittingly funny. Using a Casiotone and a drum machine to great effect, this is a show of rap songs interspersed with brilliant dialogue from Hedluv and Passman. Hedluv brings unbelievable energy to the performance, while Passman is the calming ying to Hedluv’s yang. The two have such great comedic chemistry they prove a joy to watch.

The show bears similarities to previous years, with all the classics like the Pasty Song (a future number one if ever there was one), Weird Nature and, of course, Doin’ it Dreckly. There are also new songs which provide the show with a fresh angle to returning viewers. Hedluv’s performance with a spaceman’s helmet is, as always, a highlight.

The downside to this year’s show is not enough audience participation, particularly of the dancing kind. The audience were itching to dance and in some cases (especially amongst the die hard fans present) sing along. This is a show that makes you want to move, to get involved; and sitting inhibits that.

A fun filled hilarious hour of silliness and funny lyrics that will sway the most hardened of festival haters. Catch them while you can.

On at the Gilded Balloon 22.30 (23.30) 22-25 Aug

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