REVIEW – Please Don’t Cry (At My Funeral)


By Isabella Fraser

This two hander from Josie Dale-Jones and Izzy Della-Porta of emerging theatre company ThisEgg, is a light-hearted slice of devised comedy. Based on the rehearsal process and the highs and lows of creating new work, this comedy is funny, witty and utterly charming.

Introducing themselves as themselves, Josie and Izzy manage to be both surreal and real at the same time – no mean feat! Featured props such as childhood photos, a flipchart (who doesn’t love a flipchart with lists?) and the particularly impressive ‘Church in a Box’ that absolutely has to be seen, add nothing but joy to this show.

Audience interaction is a key part of Josie and Izzy’s work but it is both amusing and fascinating to be able to see and inspect the props, (really, if you get the opportunity, check out the ‘Church in a Box’), as well as fun to feel part of the show. That they managed to involve everyone in the audience without making it appear so is a skill.

Please Don’t Cry (At My Funeral) is not deep and meaningful – it verges on the light and fluffy – but the whimsical charm with which these two young devisers interact with the audience in telling their simple but amusing tale, drawing us into their lives almost without effort, makes it enjoyable. You will leave with a smile on your face and a reminder that there are gentler sides to life.

This theatre company is definitely one to keep an eye on. With a freshness of wit that bears resemblance to the early French and Saunders, do not be surprised if you see them appearing on your TV screens in the very near future.

Please Don’t Cry (At My Funeral) runs until 24 August at Zoo Southside at 15.15. Running time is 50 mins.

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