EXHIBITION – Ming: The Golden Empire, National Museum of Scotland

Ming: The Golden Empire

The latest blockbuster exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland focuses on the extraordinary period of Chinese history from the 14th to 17th centuries, where the Ming dynasty saw a flourishing of wealth and culture.

Featuring several objects from the Najing Museum, Ming: The Golden Empire is a literal treasure trove of dazzling items, ranging from exquisite pieces of porcelain and jewellery, to beautifully executed painted scrolls and maps.

The exhibition makes good use of the museum’s dedicated space on floor 3, leading visitors through a fascinating series of informative and enlightening sections, exploring the dynasty’s effect on official life, diplomatic relations and the value of the arts.

A standout piece is the map of the world produced by the Italian Matteo Ricci, the first European to visit Beijing’s Forbidden City; a stunning large-scale painting of the same location is another highlight, with both pieces serving to illustrate how the Ming dynasty’s impact spread from its cultural centre to all corners of the world.


Ming: The Golden Empire is at the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street until 19 October 2014

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