DAYTRIP – Seacliff beach, East Lothian

Seacliff beach lies four miles east of North Berwick. It is a private beach, but cars are allowed entry through the coin-operated barrier (£2). As soon as you drive down to the main car park, you are met with panoramic views of the Forth and over to the Bass Rock.

Wonderful views

Looking west

We took the mini-spotlight members down and let them run along the beach, play football, draw in the sand, examine rock pools and that was all before we headed to the ‘secret’ harbour.

Head west past the rock formations like this.

In search of the secret harbour

Tantallon Castle will come into view and as you head to the vantage point, you will see a harbour that has been blasted out of the red sandstone cliffs.


Caution should be exercised here as the ground is very uneven and eager children may be very tempted to go onto the harbour wall, but there is a big drop the other side.

You get excellent views over to Tantallon Castle from here.

Views of Tantallon

Re-trace your steps carefully and head back to the beach.

The area is popular with dog walkers, surfers and horse riders.

On Seacliff beach

There are no bathroom facilities here, so time your visit wisely. It also makes sense to check out the tide times for the area before you visit as the beach is best viewed at low tide.

How to get there

Take the A198 out of North Berwick (or in from Tyninghame). At the junction of Auldhame, you will see a sign that indicates the beach. Follow the track down the road to the barrier.

The road is one way and you can not enter the beach road from the other end due to directional spikes.

This is the junction you're looking for

Suitable for disabled? No, there are steps down to the beach, but it is still worth the journey to park the car facing the sea and soak in the views.

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