EXHIBITION – Mammoths of the Ice Age, National Museums of Scotland

With its collection of fascinating fossils, impressive replicas and fun hands-on exhibits, Mammoths of the Ice Age, the latest blockbuster exhibition from the National Museum of Scotland, provides a memorable journey back in time to when these mighty beasts roamed the Earth.

Coming to Edinburgh from Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, the exhibition shows how mammoths and mastodons dominated the Ice Age, and provides a glimpse of how they lived and interacted with each other and their environment.

Reproductions on display include the preserved remains of Lyuba, the 40,000 year-old baby mammoth whose discovery allowed scientist to find out even more about these amazing creatures. Larger exhibits show how these mighty creatures might have looked in real-life, and a series of replicas allow visitors to see how they evolved into the more familiar elephants and related animals still alive today.

The hands-on exhibits are great fun: allowing adults and children alike to joust with mammoth tusks, or to operate articulated models of the creatures’ versatile trunks. A series of three-dimensional display boards lead visitors through the exhibition, tracing the mammoths’ evolution, extinction and legacy through the millenia.

With is combination of enlightening information and incredible reconstructions, Mammoths of the Ice Age certainly has the wow factor, and comes highly recommended from us.

Mammoths of the Ice Age runs until 20 April in the main exhibition area of the National Museum of Scotland.

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