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INFO – Dates for Edinburgh’s 2014 Festivals

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Edinburgh Spotlight loves living in ‘Festival City’ and already has all these dates in its calendar – here’s the rundown of 2014′s festivals.

  • Camille O’Sullivan

  • Airealism

  • Ragamala Dance

  • Drum Cat

  • The Changeling

  • Family

  • Edinburgh Military Tattoo

  • Edinburgh’s Christmas

International Science Festival 5 April – 20 April 2014
The International Science Festival features a host of fun and educational events, lectures and attractions celebrating all things scientific.

TradFest Edinburgh 29 April – 11 May 2014
Edinburgh’s traditional arts festival, featuring music, dance, storytelling and more.

Beltane Fire Festival 30 April 2014
Beltane is an ancient Celtic festival and Edinburgh plays host to some colourful and exciting celebrations to mark the date.

Imaginate Festival 5 – 12 May 2014
The Imaginate Festival is Edinburgh’s children’s festival and has loads of plays, activities and fun things to do for youngsters of all ages.

Leith Festival 14 – 22 June 2014
Come and celebrate all things Leith at this festival, featuring music, dance, art and other exciting events.

The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 10 – 22 June 2014 (provisional dates)
The first Edinburgh Festival of Cycling took place in 2013. Organised by locals, this Festival will return in 2014 and be a real showcase for all aspects of bicycle culture and the host city.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 18 – 29 June 2014
The Edinburgh Film Festival is an internationally-renowned event on the movie festival circuit and attracts premieres and stars from all over the world.

Edinburgh International Magic Festival 27 June – 4 July 2014
Cutting-edge, magical acts from around the world perform circus, illusion, comedy and theatre.

Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival 19 July – 27 July 2014Get your gladrags on and party to the sounds of the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, a popular event which attracts international talent.

Edinburgh Art Festival 31 July – 31 August 2014
Edinburgh Art Festival celebrates the visual arts in all its diversity, from world-class exhibitions to strikingly original installations.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1 - 25 August 2014
Getting bigger, better and – some may say – weirder every year, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the highlight of many a festival-goer’s calendar.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1 – 23 August 2014
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a spectacular event taking place on the Castle Esplanade.

justFestival (formerly Festival of Spirituality and Peace) 1 – 25 August 2014
The Festival of Spirituality and Peace features music, dance, talks and other events highlighting humanitarian issues and causes.

Edinburgh International Festival 8 – 31 August 2014
The one that started it all, the Edinburgh International Festival is a feast of world-class music, dance and theatrical performances.

Edinburgh International Book Festival 9 - 25 August 2014
This literary event attracts major names in the writing, publishing and political fields to the serene Charlotte Square Gardens setting.

Edinburgh Mela Festival 31 August  - 1 September 2014
Celebrating the cultural diversity of the city, the Mela Festival brings colour and exotic flair to Edinburgh in August.

Scottish Story Telling Festival 24 October  - 2 November 2014
Celebrating the great Scottish oral tradition, the Story Telling Festival showcases the talents of national bards, poets and tale-spinners.

Edinburgh’s Christmas TBC  late November – Jan 2015
Edinburgh sparkles at Christmas and features events, attractions and shows for all the family to enjoy during the festival season.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 30 December 2014 – 1 January 2015
End the year with the biggest street party in the world!

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