FEATURE – Edinburgh Photographers

Edinburgh photographers share their favourite picture and why Auld Reekie is the perfect place for photography

One of our favourites, Dunsapie Loch with Arthur’s Seat in the background

You may have noticed that we love taking pictures of Edinburgh and have posted thousands of photographs on our website and through our social media channels since we launched in 2009.

Edinburgh has got some fantastic photographers and we thought we’d showcase their favourite photo. Please do have a look at their websites / Facebook pages / twitter for more fantastic photos (all links open in new windows).

Edinburgh photographers

Rich Dyson “The beauty of Edinburgh is that there are so many hidden nooks and crannies for a photographer to get creative in and the fun of being a photographer in the city is finding them.”

Website: www.trixtaphotography.co.uk and edinburghphotographyworkshop.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trixtaphotography
Twitter: @trixta_photo

Rich Dyson

Grant Ritchie “There’s no more diverse a place with such iconic locations for a photographer to work in and around. Nothing else compares. The fact that it’s such a well photographed place just makes it all the more of a challenge to get unique images.”

Website: www.RealEdinburgh.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RealEdinburgh
Twitter: @RealEdinburgh and @Grant___

Grant Ritchie – Real Edinburgh

Jon Davey “I love photography in Edinburgh has there is always something different going on in the city and a new photo to take around every corner.”

Jon Davey Photography

Scott Liddell “I’ve spent most of my life in Edinburgh but I’m still able to find new things every time I go out with the camera. Which keeps me going out, which keeps me fit and loving photography.”


Twitter : @scottmliddell

Scott Liddell / Dark Edinburgh

My Place in Print “Photography is about reminding us of the places we revere, and for me this is Edinburgh, my home.”

Website:  www.myplaceinprint.com
Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/myplaceinprint
Twitter:  @MyPlaceinPrint

My Place in Print

Paul McGuigan “I love photography in Edinburgh because it’s so rich in diverse material for all genres at any time of the day, week or year.

Website: www.guigphotography.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GuigPhotography
Flickr: Guigphotography stream

Guigphotography - Cramond

Guigphotography – Cramond

Colin Myers “I love shooting photos of Edinburgh due to the diversity and mass of subjects we have; where else can you get up in the morning, shootsunrise over an old volcano, get the midday sun over the beach and the twilight over a pre-medievel Castle, often covered in fireworks and bustling with new sights all the time?”

Gallery: Colin Myers Photography
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ColinMyersPhotography

Colin Myers Photography

Ros Gasson “I love taking photos in Edinburgh because there always seems to be something different happening in the city.”

Website: www.photography-scotland.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhotographyScotland
Twitter: @ScotlandPhotos

Ros Gasson / Photography Scotland

Will Robb “I love photographing Edinburgh so much as there is always some new detail to find and each season brings new light that changes all the iconic sights of our wonderful home town.”

Website: www.willrobbphotography.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/IconicEdinburghPhotoTours
Twitter: @iconicedintours

Will Robb Photography / Iconic Edinburgh Tours

Mo Thomson “I love taking photographs in Edinburgh as it has so much history, so many wonderful locations, buildings, infrastructure, hills and coastline all packed into a small area.”

Website: mothomson.com
Twitter: @mothomson
Facebook: facebook.com/MoThomsonMedia

Mo Thomson

John Harfield “I love taking photos of the diverse characters on Leith Walk; everybody has a story, even if it’s just their face that tells it.”
Twitter: @LeithWalkers

Leith Walkers

Chris Milne “Edinburgh is a city with plenty of unusual features:  The epicentric castle, Arthur’s Seat, Royal Mile, Water of Leith to name but a few.  It is also both culturally and architecturally diverse, which gives photographers plenty of different images to create.”

Facebook: facebook.com/ChrisMilnePhotograph Twitter: @chrsmlnephotog

Chris Milne Photography

Dave Stewart “I love the architecture, the monuments and the landscapes that Edinburgh presents; it is just a fantastic city to view through the lens!

Website: http://studio2.zenfolio.com (print sales with all profits going to charity)
Twitter: @studio2__

Studio 2 Photography

Ryan McEwan “I like taking pictures in Edinburgh because of the variety of locations from the historical old town to areas full of character such as leith and stockbridge. There is always something interesting to capture.”

Website: www.photo4me.com/RMcEwan
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RyanMcEwanphotography
Twitter: @RMcEphotography

Ryan McEwan

Alastair Jones “There is such a great variety of amazing landscapes and city-scapes that can be shot. It’s really a joy to shoot here, there’s also the fact that this is my home-town and nothing beats that.”

Website: alastairjonesphotography.co.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/AllyDJPhotography

Alastair Jones

Chris Mitchell “Edinburgh is such as beautiful city for photography with soo many diverse locations and different sights.”

Website: chrismitchell.zenfolio.com/
Facebook page: facebook.com/chrismscotlandphotography

Chris Mitchell – Newhaven Harbour

Edinburgh Photographic “We shoot specialist bespoke wedding portrait photography and the city has so much character we can cater for any requests, urban, land or sea scape all within a short drive.”

Website: www.edinburghphotographic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Edinburghphotographic

Edinburgh Photographic

Dougie Mathieson “My primary photographic motivation is to record a visual diary of my walks encompassing the many wonderful places in and around Edinburgh. As well as the many well-known and often-photographed locations in the city centre, I enjoy visiting the more rural spots such as the Hermitage of Braid and the Pentland Hills.”

Web:  Dougie’s Picasa albums

Dougie Mathieson / Glencorse Reservoir

Philip Cormack “Edinburgh is one of the great cities where you can go to the same location 100 times and it looks different each time you visit. This offers photographers endless possibilities to create something special with their images.”

Website: www.philipcormack.com
Facebook: facebook.com/PhilipCormackPhotography
Twitter: @Philip_Cormack
Pinterest: pinterest.com/philipcormack/

Philip Cormack Photography


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We reserve the right to refuse any submissions at any time.

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