EVENT – 1933: Eine Nacht Im Kabarett, Summerhall

Tightlaced Theatre and Sporadic Music present:

1933: Eine Nacht Im Kabarett

Summerhall January 22nd – February 2nd 2014

on at Summerhall 22nd January 2014 - 2nd February 2014

Tightlaced Theatre and Sporadic Music invite you to spend an evening at Anke’s, Berlin’s most seditious nightspot, on the night Germany hails a new chancellor in this new play written by Susanna Mulvihill, with an original score by Fiona Thom, Susanna Mulvihill and Bev Wright and directed by Susanna Mulvihill.

Set on 30th January 1933, this production transports it’s audience to a time of upheaval in Europe, when the world was still trying to recover from the financial crash of 1929. The play takes place against the backdrop of Hitler’s private army, the Brown Shirts, marching through the city’s streets, celebrating the appointment of Hitler to the chancellorship. 1933: Eine Nacht Im Kabarett explores the mood of the German people at the fall of the Weimar Republic that allowed the Third Reich to come to power, through the eyes of family, artists and the cabaret. The project itself is the result of a three year city-wide collaboration between artists from different genres in Edinburgh. Bringing together writers, actors, musicians and dancers, 1933: Eine Nacht Im Kabarett is an ambitious piece that gives audiences an opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in the thoughts, feelings and ideologies of the era.

Based in Edinburgh’s Art’s Complex, Tightlaced Theatre is a new writing company, an ensemble of actors and a network of artists whose priority is to create high quality fringe theatre. It works with writers to develop plays from start to finish through rehearsed readings, works in progress and productions, then seeks out the best and most interesting spaces to stage those plays. Tightlaced is the first Scottish company to use Affectable Acting. Developed by actor and director Aileen Gonsalves and brought back to Scotland by Jennifer McGregor, this technique brings imagination and lived experience together to create exhilarating, truthful theatre that is different every time.

Susanna Mulvihill is a writer, composer and actor based in Edinburgh. Her credits include Tightlaced Theatre’s I Promise I Shall Not Play Billiards (2012/13), ACCA’s Laundry and Bourbon (2012), DBS’s Subsist (2011) and Experimentalista! (2010).

Appearing under the names of Susanna Macdonald and The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, she has garnered critical acclaim as a live music performer, touring the UK and Ireland, and has released three CDs of original material. She has earned a reputation for her eclectic, original style and intelligence in her writing. 1933: Eine Nacht Im Kabarett is her debut full length play.

Further information

1933: Eine Nacht Im Kabarett is on from January 22nd – February 2nd 2014 at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

7.30pm (2hrs)   £15/£12  suitable or ages 14+.

Tickets available via the Summerhall website or via the main Summerhall telephone line on 0845 874 3000. Discounts are available for groups.

January 22nd – February 2nd 2014 Summerhall, Edinburgh 7.30pm (2hrs)   £15/£12

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