PREVIEW – Dark Road, Lyceum Theatre

Although Ian Rankin has ventured away from the world of novels before, he has — up until now — never taken his words to the stage. That changes this month, with what is possibly The Lyceum’s most eagerly anticipated season opener in years, Dark Road.

Written by Rankin in collaboration with Lyceum director Mark Thomson, the production looks to be stamped with the Edinburgh author’s gritty realism, twisting plotting and ambiguous characterisation. It pivots around the psychological battle between Chief Superintendent Isobel McArthur and Alfred Chalmers, the serial killer she convicted and put away 25 years ago. As she nears retirement, McArthur gives in to the nagging doubts she has harboured through the decades, and decides to revisit the case. Will she find answers, or realise that some cases are best left closed?

Dark Road is directed by Thomson and will star Maureen Beattie in the role of McArthur, alongside a strong cast of established and renowned actors bringing the rest of the characters — and their ghosts — to life.

An ideal season opener for dark and chilly autumn nights, Ian Rankin’s debut stage production looks as if it will certainly be a road well worth travelling.

Dark Road is at the Lyceum Theatre from 25 Sep – 19 Oct. Ticket information is available on the Lyceum website.

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