– Rachel is in a relationship.

– Sophie likes this.

– Jack was tagged in Sophie’s photo.

– Rachel has changed her relationship status to “it’s complicated”.

Drunken nights, casual sex and pre-exam stress. The exploits of the five students in Timeline are nothing new. However, based on real-life updates from Facebook, this verbatim piece of new writing from TwoBox Productions is wonderfully — and voyeuristically — original.

The five-strong cast bring this stream of likes and LOLs to life, whilst a video screen is used to show the progression of the piece’s literal timeline. Each of the cast members are accomplished and believable, convincingly portraying the neuroses and feelings behind their self-obsessed status updates.

Direction and staging are tight and clever, with the piece quickly finding its own rhythm and pace. And, by employing its social media device, it focuses not so much on the lives of its protagonists, but on the changing nature of communication and relationships, resulting in a thought-provoking piece which pokes at our own social consciences.

Timeline was shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles Award for new writing and it’s not hard to see why: it’s an innovative and fascinating piece which strips away the transient face of superficial interaction to reveal the depth beneath.

– Edinburgh Spotlight likes Timeline.

Timeline was at Greenside during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013. Its run is now ended.

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