By Veronika Kallus

One of the great joys for any fan attending a Bruce Springsteen concert is to witness his humanity and his humility. He is unassuming; he is one with the crowd, one of us. Not less and not more, even though he might look back on a extraordinary career spanning 40 years and even though he might stand on a stage performing for dozens of thousands of people. And he’ll give everything to entertain them.

That is exactly what The Rising did in Edinburgh’s Citrus Club. The venue might have been small and hot and crowded and sweaty, the main guitarist’s guitar might have broken two thirds through the performance, Steven might not be The Boss, and Felix might neither be Clarence nor Jake – but the crowd was the crowd, a true Bruce Springsteen live experienced crowd! And you could feel it. The Rising was feeding its audience with exactly what they needed, and they reacted as if it was the real thing.

From the first beats and riffs and lines of the first song, the crowd was right there, singing, shouting, bawling the songs. Everyone in the room – band and listeners – were giving their best to make The Rising’s dare come true – to reproduce a live experience of a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert.

The atmosphere was fantastic from the very start, and carried right through to the last beats. The experiences concert-goers were re-living and re-acting all those little rites and rituals that make these concerts so unbelievable. From request-taking and sweat-wiping to Bruuuuuuuuuuce-bawling and Badlands-humming, to triumphant Saxophone improvisations to Patti Scialfa like solos – it was all there. Even right down to the finish, with multiple encores, the constant feeling that it is not that band that wants to stop playing but the place that makes them come to an end, and a fabulous Bruce-style rendition of a Twist-and-shout-rock-and-roll-medley.

This tribute performance could convert any Bruce-novice to look into this steady Rock’n’Roll phenomena in depth. And until the Boss comes to Scotland again, look out for more central Scotland gigs by The Rising.

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