By Veronika Kallus

A fresh burst of energy for the whole family. Starting slowly with smiles and gentle drumming, the whole Palazzo Spiegeltent soon gives in to wild laughter, galloping rhythm and exhilarating song. In music and dance, the small ensemble takes the audience on a journey to Zimbabwe. Not to view the sights – but to gain a glimpse of daily culture and a small insight into the joys and fears of daily life – modern and traditional.

There are not many explicit explanations – just the expressions of faces and the impressions of costumes. The pure joy the troupe conveys is not easy to resist, and eventually everyone gives in to the warm encouragements and joins in in creating rhythm and atmosphere.

Each of the five performers has space and time to show their individuality, each of them has and takes the opportunity to form a special bond with the audience.

It would be hard not to leave this show lightheartedly and happily. Marimba makes the feet twitch, break dance astonishes the eye, a kind of rain dance evokes exotic images. The show is rounded up by a few tunes known to European ears – which allows the audience to even join into the singing. In the jungle, the lion sleeps tonight – on George Square it certainly won’t!

Showing at Spiegeltent Palazzo – Assembly George Square August 7th to 26th at 4.25pm

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