FRINGE REVIEW – Sara Pascoe vs. the Truth


By A MacDonald

There are no facts, only interpretations. This philosophy of Nietzsche is the presiding theme of Sara Pascoe’s stand up show- Sara Pascoe vs. The Truth. Sara has appeared in The Thick of It, Twenty Twelve and is a regular on Stand Up For the Week, and returns to the Fringe this time to question all things relative.

Here we join Sara Pascoe for an hour of theories centring around the concept that there are no facts, only interpretations and questions raised include- what if all the cells that have died in your body over the last ten years have reformed (like the Sugababes) and are impersonating you somewhere? Are there secret invisible cameras filming you wherever you go? If nobody has told Andie

MacDowell how bad an actor she is; can we have any faith in what we believe about ourselves?

Sara Pascoe is likeable and sweet; a self-proclaimed vegan and animal lover. She raises interesting questions with her humour and addresses issues of feminism; but at times it feels like the jokes she tells don’t have much bite. Nothing here is ground breaking humour; belly aching hilarity. She skirts round the debate of the Burka using an analogy of the film Sister Act. While this is amusing, it feels a bit safe. This contrasts with some very funny anecdotes and moments of smart comedy. The good tempers the not so great and overall this is an enjoyable show, just not a riotously funny, remember it in 20 years one

On at Assembly George Square until 26th August 2000 (2100)

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