FRINGE REVIEW – Rory McGrath and Philip Pope, Bridge Over Troubled Lager

By A MacDonald

If your Dad is in a band, or you are a Dad in a band, this show will hold instant appeal. Here we join Rory McGrath and Philip Pope for an hour of cheekily naughty songs, interspersed with wit and onstage camaraderie.

With songs about tweeting, Eurovision, the C word and Cornish shipping disasters (funnier than it sounds!); this show is taken as an opportunity by the two to set the world to rights and address all those niggles that have built up to overflow point by the time middle age has hit. The result is an engaging hour which feels almost like an evening spent in Rory’s garage having a jam after a couple of beers.

The musical relationship between the two is where they really shine, both good musicians who have spent a long time playing together. Their songs have a bluesy theme for the majority of the set, which makes for easy listening, toe tapping music.

Rory McGrath’s jokes can verge on cheesy and a poor audience response seems to interrupt his flow. At times if feels as though Rory and Philip are reading lines and the chat between the two appears staged as the comedy timing was off in a few places. A couple of the jokes told are particularly ‘Dadish’ which might miss the mark with some of the audience, but still raises laughs; albeit ones finished up with groans.

That aside this is a very enjoyable, easy going show with no agenda, no point to prove. A great choice if you’re looking for a laidback, chilled out evening.

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