A young girl dreams. As she is tossed and turned on endless seas, figures from her country’s heritage appear, guiding her through her vision to a place of peace and understanding.

Pudasi is a blend of contemporary and traditional Korean dance and music, performed by the talented Norian Maro group. Whilst some of the contemporary sequences feel a little strained, the piece shines when the richly-costumed performers demonstrate their craft — whether the hypnotic singing of a white-robed figure or the pulsing and expertly-played percussion of a quartet of rapt musicians.

An early morning show, Pudasi includes free Korean tea and rice cakes — although the mesmerising dance and pounding rhythms of the performers are more than enough on their own to get your day off to an enjoyable and uplifting start.

Pudasi is at C Venues at 10:00 until Aug 25.

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