By the time Noodles is over, the stage is piled high with the titular foodstuff — some of which has been eaten by the troupe from NoFit State Circus, and most of which has been used in ways you didn’t quite think possible.

More accustomed to performing in their own big top, NoFit State’s stage show is a strange concoction. Brightly-coloured acrobats dangle from ropes and perform balletic tightrope routines, whilst another member performs some clever and dextrous sleight-of-hand. The show has a loose (very loose) food-based theme, and includes sequences where performers interpret this in ways ranging from the slightly risqué to the completely surreal.

Whilst diverting at first, before long these segments of the show intrude, interfering with the pacing and displays of circus skills which NoFit State are more than capable of. When these are performed, they are often dazzling and intricate, but sadly too infrequent.

Noodles could, with a few extra ingredients, be a sustaining and original show. As it stands however, it is a little too sparse to be truly satisfying.

Noodles is at New Town Theatre at 12:45 until Aug 25.

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