FRINGE REVIEW – New Art Club: Feel About Your Body


Doing exactly what it says on the tin, within five minutes of New Art Club‘s new show we are on our feet and feeling about our bodies. Then, not long after, we are gawping at theirs.

Tom and Pete always leap chaotically between comedy, physical theatre and dance. This year, they have landed more firmly in the comedy camp than before, with a show which blends their trademark expressive lunacy into a series of skits, sketches and stories focusing on all the wonder and beauty of our own bodies.

Whether skipping around the stage as little girls or having conversations with their own puckered backsides, New Art Club’s unpredictability is one of their strengths. And although some of tonight’s material strays close to being filler, the ever-present chaos waiting in the wings ensures the show never drags. And when they do hit their target, they are unmissable, such as their marching band tribute to Tom’s grandfather, which is fifty shades of absolute genius.

As you might expect, front row veterans can expect to be involved in proceedings, though they may get little more of an eyeful than they are used to. But New Art Club’s claims at the start are true: by the time the show is over, we actually are feeling better about ourselves – though whether this is due to the power of laughter of the sense of relief we’re not going to be asked to do something strange to Pete’s bottom is another question for another time…

New Art Club: Feel About Your Body is at Assembly George Square at 18:45 until 25 Aug.

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