Illuminated frames provide polaroid snapshots of a lonely woman’s memories. From her own childhood to the moment her parents first met, these frozen moments are brought to life by Gecko Theatre’s Missing, in a captivating and artistic interpretation of physical theatre in its purest form.

Using puppetry, dance and mime, the performers assemble the jigsaw puzzle pieces of Lily’s life via a series of dynamic and starkly-lit tableaux. The windows into Lily’s soul glide around the stage, fleeting as dreams, as the expert physicality of the performers plays out within the confines of the frames.

Missing is highly expressive and often abstract. As is Gecko’s forte, words are secondary to the visual nature of the piece, with the multilingual dialogue deliberately obscuring and mystifying the narrative. This obfuscation can either be seen as Missing’s greatest strength, or its potential flaw.

As although the performance as a whole sears itself onto your retinas in camera flashes of brilliance, at times its claustrophobic intensity leaves its cohesion a little lost in the shadows.

Missing is at Pleasance Grand at 13:00 until 25 Aug

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