With a voiceover introduction to his set that could quite easily be left out, Joey Page arrives on stage at the Pleasance Attic wearing a suit that could at best be described as loud and at worse, horrid. While perhaps picked for comedic value, it does him no justice and you’d be forgiven for judging him on this first impression.

A few minutes into his show and you could be forgiven for thinking this is a guy playing around in stand-up and not really taking it seriously. However, as his routine unfolds, you begin to see an endearing character, at home on stage, naturally funny with great comedic timing.

Joey Page bases his routine around several stories and uses an audience member to bounce extra laughs off. His set includes a makeshift PowerPoint and a news bulletin hanging behind him on bunting. The floor is scattered with paper, seemingly random yet used at important points.  The story arc of his routine finishes with a precision that belies his setup of casual disarray.

His comedy style is not for everyone, and fans of direct stand up and observational comedy will find him hard to take. However, the randomness of his ramblings is topical, nonsense-based and comic gold to the ‘You Tube’ generation. Rambling off on any subject, in any direction he entertains his audience. Were his show performed an hour later and the audience doubled, Joey Page would be a Fringe sensation.

Looking beyond the suit, Joey Page is a comedian who will shine in years to come when he is more comfortable without his gimmicks and grows into his style. Go and see him now and take the teenage members of your family, they will think you are cool.

Joey Page: Reality Is Outside, Paradise Is In Your Brain is on at The Pleasance until 26th August (not 13)

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