FRINGE REVIEW – India Flamenco


The evolution of flamenco is traced from its Indian roots in visually sensual fashion in this alluring ensemble piece from Alba Flamenco.

An almost unnecessary soundtrack relates the tale of the nomadic gypsy people, searching the world for the lost shards of their magic mirror. The story is far better told by an excellent trio of dancers, each of whom specialise in one of the complex and bewitching styles included in the piece.

The symbolic ritual of Indian dance is represented via a graceful routine which flows like a temple carving brought to life, then is followed by a flirtatious and celebratory gyspy dance, performed excellently by a lithe and expressively precise performer.

The journey finds its destination in the fiery passion of flamenco, where the proud poise of el baile is accompanied by the impassioned singing of a male vocalist.

All three dancers take to the stage in a fusion finale, in a fascinating display of the styles’ similarities and their differences — and with a beguiling glimpse at classic forms of dance, excellently executed.

India Flamenco’s run has ended

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