FRINGE REVIEW – Hedluv and Passman: Two Cornish rappers and a casiotone two: This time it’s similar


By A MacDonald

It’s difficult to identify individual positive aspects of this performance as the whole hour is given over to raucous laughter. From their explosive burst onto the stage to their unique cover of Black Hole Sun (not to be missed), the performance is a rollercoaster of entertainment which is surreal bordering on hallucinatory. Hedluv and Passman do exactly what it says on the tin; they are two rappers, they are from Cornwall, and they have the use of a Casiotone. This year’s show is mostly based around last year’s, (as in the title) but with new songs and extra audience participation – a highlight. The similarities to last year give the show a comfortingly familiar feel to veteran fans, while the new additions takes the comedy to new, unknown heights and improve a show that didn’t need improved- surely a good thing?

The performance is slicker and Hedluv and Passman have gained confidence, but the show loses none of the uncomfortable silences and awkwardness that make the pair such an endearing watch. With Passman’s extroverted stage presence cranked up to 11, the more understated performance of Hedluv could be in danger of being overshadowed by his rapping partner, but he holds his own and tempers Passman’s frenetic energy.

Better sound this year allows the audience to hear all lyrics ‘spit’ as this was possibly the only downside of last year’s show. Also included is a Rhys Darby voiceover to link the performance together. This felt a bit unnecessary as it didn’t add anything spectacular to the show, nor did it take away. It did however allude to the fact that fans of Flight of the Conchords will love Hedluv and Passman.

The danger with Hedluv and Passman is that those unbeknown to their unique style may mistake them for another Goldie Lookin Chain. There are many comedy rap outfits on the scene, but these two are in a league of their own. If there’s one thing you see this Fringe, make sure it’s this amazing duo.

On at the Gilded Balloon until 26th August (not 13th) 2330 (0030)

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