FRINGE REVIEW – Gamarjobat Rock Out


After too long an absence, Fringe favourites Gamarjobat are back with another madcap hour of physical mayhem, mime and borderline insanity.

A pair of besuited Japanese clowns with mohicans, Gamarjobat’s brand of fun is so infectious it should come with a health warning. Immediately winning over the audience with their blend of physical tomfoolery and cartoonish facial expressions, the pair proceed to gallop through their extensive mime-based box of tricks. Most of these are played for laughs rather than precision, although the duo’s skill is not in question as they mime descending escalators or pretend to be robots.

Previous shows have mixed up the mayhem with longer narrative pieces, some of which have proven to be outstanding. This year however, the focus is on the short, sharp belly laughs: though the extended music-based routine which gives the show its title is still good fun.

But this is Gamarjobat, and their show has a big, mile-wide grin on its face. And, within minutes of witnessing their inspired lunacy, so will you.

Gamarjobat Rock Out is at the Gilded Balloon at 16:30 until Aug 26.

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