Amidst the intentionally ramshackle steampunkish chaos of Flown, the skills and talents Pirates of the Carabina take flight in what proves to be a hugely enjoyable, seductive and exciting circus performance.

The staples are all here: tightrope walking, aerial acrobatics, rope work and hula hoops — but everything has a refreshing air of originality added on top. Whether it’s the extreme ironing of the graceful aerialist, or the harmonica-playing skills of the self-effacing tightrope walker: Flown successfully transforms its circus into something fresh and new.

And, on the complex set in the Udderbelly, there is always something going on. Performers clang on metal frames in time to the excellently-performed live music; lighting rigs threaten to crash down on balancing acrobats; toy horses strut their stuff as they lead fairytale princesses into the spotlight — the whole is an often mental marriage of precision skill and light-hearted surreal imagery.

The finale lives up to its own self-mocking hype in a powerful and percussive explosion taking place literally right above the audience’s heads. And, in a Fringe where circuses have popped up all over the place, Flown and its infectious energy soars all the way to the top.

Crying Out Loud presents Flown is at the Udderbelly at 16:20 until 26 August.

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